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These are the 3 Types of In Ground Pools

In-ground pools are the perfect long term investment in your home and family!

A swimming pool is the icing on the cake when it comes to an aesthetic backyard. Not only that, but it is the classic hub for get-togethers where family and friends can enjoy music and fun. When thinking about the impact a pool has on your family’s home and social life, Only the best materials and types can go in to truly represent what makes your house a home. Look at this list, and find us on artesianpools.com to learn more about our types of in-ground pools.

The three main Types of in ground pools are vinyl, fiberglass and concrete. The main differences in these materials are based on long-term maintenance, initial cost, aesthetic, and build time and strategy. These are also the main points we will be looking at in this guide.

Types of In-Ground Pools

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools are defined by the vinyl sheet that finishes the pool’s build. This makes its build time around one to two weeks. Pool builders will dig the hole of the pool, adding the pool walls as well. When that is finished, the base of the pool is coated in a thin layer of concrete to ensure a smooth pool floor. A vinyl sheet is then placed over the pool walls and the pool base.

The initial costs of Vinyl pools average around $30k- $40k. If properly maintained, the vinyl cover will not need to be replaced too often. Vinyl replacements usually cost around $5000, but also catching and treating tears can cost much less if done in a timely manner.

Maintaining these pools is not to hard because they do not stain like concrete. However, a little more care must be taken into monitoring chemicals in the pool. Too high chemical concentration can thin the sheet, causing tears and holes to form.

These pools are generally the middle-tier in expense and do not require professional experience to maintain properly.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are a type of in-ground pool which utilizes an already made pool frame that is inserted into a hole in the ground. This makes the price vary, usually from $5000 – $40k depending on the size and shape of the pool.

Maintenance on Fiberglass pools are the easiest among the three types of inground pools. Just check the pool chemistry and clean it regularly. They are the least customizable and therefore not the first choice, but the least expensive.

Fiberglass pool installation can take as little as one week to complete. They are quick to build and cheap, but do not offer a great amount of customization or quality.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools offer the most customization and creativity, but at more cost. Designs can really express the owner’s creativity and reflect the style of the house. These start from a design which is then dug into the ground. The base is covered in gunite or concrete and then smoothed out.

Though concrete pools do take much longer to install, they last long as well and do not need to be replaced as often as either fiberglass and vinyl pools.

These types of inground pools can be pricey, ranging from $30k – $70k. The maintenance on these pools are very minimal however. If the pool suffers damage, it may need to be replaced, but it is highly unlikely.

These are the best pools for a growing family because of the low risk and low maintenance. Visit Artesian Pools where our dedication to the cornerstone of family fun and love still holds strong after over 40 years.


In-Ground VS Above-Ground Pools

Some facts about above-ground versus in-ground pools

There are many factors to consider for those who are choosing what type of pool to purchase. The budget is usually the biggest one, but others are more based on preference.  Here are some facts on above ground vs in ground  pools that will help you differentiate which kind is best for you.



The pricing of an in-ground pool, depending on whether its concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass, can range from $25k – $75k.  A price like this includes the patio, electric hook installments, proper landscaping, chlorine generators, heaters, and covers. 

above ground pools tend to cost a lot less, around $3.5k – $13k  including the kit, installment, and decking. Usually with theses kinds of pools, the surrounding/ decking area will be the most costly part of the project.


There is no real difference in maintaining in-ground and above-ground pools. Since the water will still need to be treated properly, the same care will need to be done. The only real difference, is that the difficulty of maintenance with above-ground pools can vary based on deck and patios. the higher the patio, the easier it should be to vacuum.


In-ground pools last much longer than above-ground pools, however the longevity of the pool really depends on the material they are made with. Fiberglass pools last up to 20 years, but Concrete pools can last significantly longer. The only downside to Concrete is that is must be resurfaced every 15 years.

Above-ground pools tend to last 10- 15 years, but need a replaced lining after about 5 years.

Pool Sizing

Though it may seem unusual, above-ground pools can be as large as in-ground pools. The major difference in this case is that the depth cannot really vary in an above-ground pool. 

There was some information on the difference between above ground vs in ground pools. Hopefully this helps you decide which type is best for you.

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