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Hosting a poolside event can be one of the most enjoyable and memorable ways to celebrate special occasions, but it requires careful planning and consideration. As your trusted Mount Dora pool contractor, we at Artesian Pools have gathered some essential tips to help you create a flawless poolside event that your guests will rave about. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Basics of Pool Event Hosting

Choosing the right date and time is crucial for a successful pool event. Always watch the weather forecast. Aim for a date when the weather is likely to warm and sunny, but also have a backup plan in case of unexpected changes. Choosing a date and time that works best for most guests is also essential. 

Weekends are generally preferred; midday to late afternoon is ideal for pool events.

Another important step is creating a guest list. Make a list of everyone you want to invite and consider the capacity of your pool area to ensure comfort and safety. Send out invitations well in advance and request RSVPs to get a headcount. This will help in planning food, seating, and activities.

Setting the Scene

Setting the scene with poolside decorations can make a huge difference. Pick a theme that suits the occasion, whether tropical, nautical, or elegant. Choose a color scheme that enhances the theme and creates a festive atmosphere. Use string lights, lanterns, and floating candles to add ambiance. Proper lighting improves the look and ensures safety as the evening progresses.

Comfortable seating arrangements are also vital to a successful event. Provide plenty of comfortable seating options like lounge chairs and small tables for guests to relax and enjoy their time. Set up umbrellas or canopies to provide shaded areas where guests can take a break from the sun.

Pool Safety Measures

Safety is paramount at any poolside event. Responsible adults must monitor the pool area, especially when children are present. For larger gatherings, consider hiring professional lifeguards to ensure everyone’s safety.

Communicating pool safety rules to your guests is also crucial. Communicate simple rules like no running around the pool or diving in shallow areas to prevent accidents. Use clear and visible signage around the pool area to remind guests of the rules.

Food and Beverage Planning

Planning the menu for your poolside event is another vital aspect. Offer a variety of light and refreshing snacks such as fruit platters, veggie sticks, and dips. Keep guests hydrated with water, iced tea, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Setting up a poolside bar can add a fun element to your event. Provide various non-alcoholic options like mocktails, smoothies, and flavored water. If serving alcohol, do so in moderation and offer a variety of light, refreshing cocktails suitable for a hot day by the pool to keep yourself hydrated. 

Entertainment and Activities

Keeping your guests entertained is essential to a successful event. To entertain the kids, organize games like water tag, pool volleyball, or a treasure hunt. For adults, set up areas to relax with activities like floating on inflatable loungers or enjoying a poolside massage.

Music can also set the tone for your event. Create a fun and upbeat playlist that complements the vibe of your event. Consider using streaming services that offer ready-made playlists. Use waterproof speakers or a good sound system to ensure music is heard clearly throughout the pool area.

Enhancing the Pool Experience

Enhancing the pool experience with fun accessories can make your event even more enjoyable. Provide a variety of fun and colorful floaties for kids to enjoy, like animal shapes, rings, and inflatable slides. Offer relaxing floats and loungers for adults to unwind in the pool.

Controlling the water temperature is another way to enhance the pool experience. Use heaters or solar covers to ensure the pool water is comfortably warm. Consider cooling systems for extremely hot days to keep the pool water refreshing.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Always have a contingency plan in place. Have an indoor space ready in case of bad weather. This ensures the party can continue regardless of outdoor conditions. Rent tents or canopies to provide additional shade and shelter from unexpected rain.

Be prepared for emergencies by keeping a well-stocked first aid kit nearby to handle minor injuries or accidents. Have a list of emergency contact numbers and the nearest hospital or urgent care center.

Post-Event Considerations

A clean-up plan is essential after the event. To make the process easier and quicker, assign clean-up duties to a few trusted friends or family members. For more significant events, consider hiring professional cleaning services to handle the clean-up efficiently.

Host the Ultimate Pool Parties with a Custom-Built Pool from Artesian Pools

Imagine having the perfect backyard oasis explicitly tailored for your hosting needs. A custom-built pool from Artesian Pools offers a unique and personalized setting to create unforgettable moments with family and friends. With our expertise as your trusted Mount Dora pool contractor, we transform your vision into a stunning reality, ensuring every aspect of your pool is crafted to enhance your entertaining experience.

One key advantage of a custom-built pool is the ability to design a space that suits your lifestyle and hosting preferences. Whether you envision a luxurious infinity pool with a built-in hot tub or a playful lagoon with waterfalls, we have you covered. Each element can be customized to reflect your style and maximize the enjoyment and comfort of your guests. With a pool designed just for you, hosting becomes effortless and impressive.

Beyond aesthetics, a custom-built pool from Artesian Pools is engineered for functionality and safety, ensuring guests have a great time without any worries. Features like shallow lounging areas and integrated seating provide the perfect spots for socializing and relaxation. Additionally, incorporating advanced filtration systems and easy-to-maintain materials means you can enjoy your pool parties more and less time on upkeep. With Artesian Pools, your custom pool is a beautiful centerpiece and a practical venue for endless fun.

Ultimately, a custom pool transforms your backyard into the go-to destination for gatherings, celebrations, and spontaneous pool parties. Our team at Artesian Pools is dedicated to delivering a pool that meets and exceeds your expectations. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you’ll be hosting the best pool parties in town, creating cherished memories with your loved ones. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? 


  1. What should I look for regarding warranties or guarantees from my pool builder? Artesian Pools provides some of the best warranties in the swimming pool industry. Please consult your designer to find out more.
  2. Can I finance the cost of building a pool? Many homeowners finance their pool construction through loans or home equity lines of credit. Explore your financing options and consider interest rates, repayment terms, and associated fees.
  3. How many pools has your company built in the local area? Artesian Pools has built over 18,000 in the Central Florida and Daytona area since 1976.
  4. What should I do if I encounter problems with my pool after construction? Artesian Pools has been in business since 1976. Our finished products are built to industry standards and must pass all county inspections.

Make a Splash with Your Next Pool Event!

Following these event-hosting tips from your trusted Mount Dora pool contractor here at Artesian Pools can create an unforgettable poolside celebration that leaves your guests delighted and eager for more. From selecting the perfect date and creating an inviting atmosphere to ensuring safety and entertainment, every detail counts in crafting a memorable experience. Remember, the key to a successful pool party lies in thoughtful planning, creativity, and fun.

Ready to transform your backyard into the ultimate party destination? Contact Artesian Pools today to discuss how we can help you create the perfect setting for your next event.