Swimming Pool Technology

The idea of high-tech techy stuff anywhere near your splashing swimming pool might sound like trouble. The truth, however, is that waterproofing and wireless advances have made them easier to integrate into your pool.

Join us for our official breakdown of three pieces of swimming pool technology, and get more from your pool today!

Automation Systems

A good automation system gives pool owners the power to program different functions for surveillance or operations. These options are available via specialized equipment pads, installed at the same time as pumps and filter systems.

From cleaning to heating functionality, filtration, and even lighting, these systems give you full control over your pool. They save you time, safeguard against forgetful mistakes, and protect against wastage.

Web Platforms and Mobile Applications

Of course, one of the best reasons to incorporate tech into anything is to add convenience. Look into web platforms and mobile apps, and you’ll find three categories of full remotes for your convenience.

  • pool remotes
  • web-based desktop platforms
  • mobile device applications

Handheld devices typically feature backlit LCDs, with functions including some variety of temperature display and control. These can be accessed remotely, via the cloud, and have desktop and mobile app variations.

Ozone and UV Purification

One of the most important standards to keep for any swimming pool is clear, fresh water. The right products and skills can help keep your pool glittering clean, without harsh chlorine.

Avoid unwanted red-eye and bleached hair with an ozone generator or ultraviolet (UV) lighting system. As an alternative purification method, these eliminate a wide variety of organic contaminants with relative ease. This also neutralizes disease pathogens, more so than traditional chlorine.

And there you have it: three advanced pieces of swimming pool technology to get more from your pool. Discover high-grade custom pool designs to go with your pool tech today, with Artesian Pools.

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