Some facts about above-ground versus in-ground pools

There are many factors to consider for those who are choosing what type of pool to purchase. The budget is usually the biggest one, but others are more based on preference.  Here are some facts on above ground vs in ground  pools that will help you differentiate which kind is best for you.



The pricing of an in-ground pool, depending on whether its concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass, can range from $25k – $75k.  A price like this includes the patio, electric hook installments, proper landscaping, chlorine generators, heaters, and covers. 

above ground pools tend to cost a lot less, around $3.5k – $13k  including the kit, installment, and decking. Usually with theses kinds of pools, the surrounding/ decking area will be the most costly part of the project.


There is no real difference in maintaining in-ground and above-ground pools. Since the water will still need to be treated properly, the same care will need to be done. The only real difference, is that the difficulty of maintenance with above-ground pools can vary based on deck and patios. the higher the patio, the easier it should be to vacuum.


In-ground pools last much longer than above-ground pools, however the longevity of the pool really depends on the material they are made with. Fiberglass pools last up to 20 years, but Concrete pools can last significantly longer. The only downside to Concrete is that is must be resurfaced every 15 years.

Above-ground pools tend to last 10- 15 years, but need a replaced lining after about 5 years.

Pool Sizing

Though it may seem unusual, above-ground pools can be as large as in-ground pools. The major difference in this case is that the depth cannot really vary in an above-ground pool. 

There was some information on the difference between above ground vs in ground pools. Hopefully this helps you decide which type is best for you.

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