Poolside Etiquette: A Matter of Manners

Etiquette – the unspoken rules of politeness that affect the way we do and say things in polite society. It doesn’t matter where you go or who you go with, the truth is these rules exist in all areas of the world.

Even around the swimming pool. Yes, beyond rules like waiting a half hour to swim after eating a meal, there are set rules that govern how to act at the pool.

So put on your bathing suit, pop in your monocle, and gather the lads, we take a closer look at swimming pool etiquette.

Appropriate Clothing

When it comes to what to wear in the pool, it may seem easy enough to go with swim trunks or a swimsuit. But what if you don’t have swimming trunks on hand?

When it comes to proper etiquette, the answer is an abrupt no. Swim trunks and bathing suits are the best attire for getting wet and running around, period. Jeans of any sort, even jean shorts, soak up water, get heavy, and disperse water everywhere when you leave the pool. This makes the ground slippery, the seats wet, and your work keeping your shorts up a lot more difficult.

Appropriate Splashing

It’s always fun to splash around in the pool, but remember that not everyone wants to join in. When it comes to playing in the pool, enjoy yourself but remember the people around you. They might prefer to simply relax by the pool, mingle with other guests, or otherwise take it easy.

Splashing around near non-splashers can lead to mishaps, and often comes across are ruder than anything. Also, remember that they might have a smartphone on them. Get their electronics wet and we can promise you won’t be having the best day.

Medical Conditions

Still don’t know where that rash on your thigh came from? We don’t either. What we do know, though, is that your fellow pool partyers probably don’t want to catch whatever it is.

Seeing someone get into a pool with a visible medical condition is a big turn off at a party. You might know better, but many people would be left to assume your condition could be contagious. The same goes for sneezing into the pool – nobody wants to spend time in that pool.

It’s important to take this into consideration when it comes to getting into a pool with other people.

Drink Smart

A wild drunk on their own is problematic, to say the least. But, combine that with a pool where other people are having fun, and problems can start in earnest.

It is okay to throw back one or two at a pool party, but don’t let it impair your ability to swim or behave yourself. In particular, don’t let it impair your ability to keep your clothes on. Nobody lives down the “crazy uncle skinny dipping at his nephew’s pool party”  image.

Poolside Etiquette: Now You Know

If you are at someone else’s pool, the rules of poolside etiquette become even more important. You don’t want to ruin the pool owner’s time by acting inappropriately.

Of course, if the party is at your own Orlando custom designed pool, you have all the time in the world to act inappropriately. When no one is around, of course.

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