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In-Ground VS Above-Ground Pools

Some facts about above-ground versus in-ground pools

There are many factors to consider for those who are choosing what type of pool to purchase. The budget is usually the biggest one, but others are more based on preference.  Here are some facts on above ground vs in ground  pools that will help you differentiate which kind is best for you.



The pricing of an in-ground pool, depending on whether its concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass, can range from $25k – $75k.  A price like this includes the patio, electric hook installments, proper landscaping, chlorine generators, heaters, and covers. 

above ground pools tend to cost a lot less, around $3.5k – $13k  including the kit, installment, and decking. Usually with theses kinds of pools, the surrounding/ decking area will be the most costly part of the project.


There is no real difference in maintaining in-ground and above-ground pools. Since the water will still need to be treated properly, the same care will need to be done. The only real difference, is that the difficulty of maintenance with above-ground pools can vary based on deck and patios. the higher the patio, the easier it should be to vacuum.


In-ground pools last much longer than above-ground pools, however the longevity of the pool really depends on the material they are made with. Fiberglass pools last up to 20 years, but Concrete pools can last significantly longer. The only downside to Concrete is that is must be resurfaced every 15 years.

Above-ground pools tend to last 10- 15 years, but need a replaced lining after about 5 years.

Pool Sizing

Though it may seem unusual, above-ground pools can be as large as in-ground pools. The major difference in this case is that the depth cannot really vary in an above-ground pool. 

There was some information on the difference between above ground vs in ground pools. Hopefully this helps you decide which type is best for you.

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Choosing an Elegant Design for Your Swimming Pool

Building a pool is an experience that makes your house a home. It can be difficult to choose which pool design is best for you. From the pools interior, its shape, and color, all working with the aura of your house, there is a lot to think about when building a pool.

Choosing the shape of your pool will define  the language of your home. The kind of design you want should depend on the functionality and style.  Consider how you want the design of  not only your pool to look, but the style of your backyard as well. usually bigger pools lead to less spacious backyards and vice versa. These are all important to consider when designing your pool.

Designing a pool is about more than just the pool. Remember that the whole backyard must be taken into consideration, as everything accents off of  each other. Choosing the right hardscape is also important. choose colors and textures that blend with the house in order to create a seamless and relaxed experience. 

Who will be using the pool? Consider this in pool design, as the pool size and shape will be important. younger kids and much older adults should be accommodated with a shallow and rails to ensure safety in the pool.

How will the pool be used? If it will be used for more recreational purposes, then less rectangular shapes will be the way to go. The functionality should match the purpose when designing a pool.

It is important to remember that a pool is not just a pool, but a part of what makes a house complete. Knowing what you want must all come from different angles. Who will be using the pool, how it will be used, and overall aesthetic and style are the main things to consider when designing a pool.

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5 Easy Steps to Clean your Swimming Pool

For those who have pools, keeping it maintained can be a struggle. Whether its work or extra activities, pool service can seem like an extra chore. However,  it is not as hard as it seems. Just like most things, all your pool needs is consistency, along with these 5 tips to keep your pool in its best condition.

Step One – Distribution

It is important that the water does not sit still. Chemicals in the pool must be in constant circulation throughout the pool in order for all potential bacteria to be dealt with. Keep the Jets and skimmers  running for 12 hours a day in the warmer season, and for 6 hours in the cold season.  This will circulate the water enough to ensure that the water isn’t carrying anything harmful, and filters the water as well.

Step Two – Cleaning the filter.

The pool filter should be regularly cleaned. It is one of the most important parts of the pool because it filters even microscopic debris from entering the pool.  Proper pool service dictates that chemically cleaning the pool filter ensures the utmost cleanliness of the filter, which cleans out any oils and embedded debris. 

Step Three – Vacumming

Even though filters clean out most of the unwanted debris in a pool, there can still be spots of dirt. Vacuuming  the pool gives it that extra weapon against debris that settles to the bottom of the pool. Brushing and using  a net can also significantly aid pool health. 

Step Four – Know the Water

Maintaining proper chemical levels is very important to keeping your pool safe to use.  Test the water regularly to ensure that these levels stay balanced. If you are gone for  a while, it is especially important to test the water when you return.  

Step Five –  Get the right Products

Having the right products to efficiently maintain your pool can be the difference between a boring chore and great pool experience. The right tools and chemicals will reduce the workload substantially, giving you more time to spend in the pool.

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