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Here are Common Pool Problems to Fix Right Away

Pool Problems

Let’s face it, when a problem doesn’t seem urgent, we tend to leave it until it is too late. This is especially true when it comes to pools. But with the expenses in pool repairs on a high, waiting to fix your pool problems is less than affordable. Here are some common indicators of swimming pool problems people tend to ignore.

Just because something doesn’t seem broken does not mean that it is. When it comes to pools, there are a few tell-tale indicators, that if caught early on could save you big time in pool repairs.

Common Pool Problems People Ignore

Pool Leaks

Broken pressure gauge

Pool Stains

Stains on Equipment

Pump is hard to Prime

Pool Leaks

Pool leaks can be especially hard to find. The main reason for this is that  there are so many variables that account for water loss. Whether it’s wind speed, wind direction, wind temp, time of day, weather, the variables that control water level in a pool, finding out if a reduced water level is reduced because of leak is difficult. A way to remedy this is  to fill a bucket with water, and if the pool has lost more water than the bucket, your pool has a leak.

Broken Filter

Every pool filter out there should have a pressure gauge attached to it. That is because it is the only way of determining whether your filter is broken or not. So if your pressure gauge is looking weirder than normal, it is time to assess some problems.

Pool Stains

If you are suffering from any type of stain inside your pool, this is quite usually linked to an underlying problem in the pool system itself. That means, never ignore a pool stain, as it may be your only indicator to a problem not immediately apparent.

Equipment Stains

If you seen white stains on any bit of equipment in your system, it might be due to a leak of chlorinated water leaking from the pipes. When it dries, it leaves behind a white salt deposit. Pressure-wise a pool is meant to be a closed system, which means that any leak is not adherent to that system.

Pump is hard to Prime

While this may be an indication, simply, of a failing pump, it could mean that there is a leak in the pump’s system. These can be particularly hard to find, and are usually characterized by the addition of air into the system which in turn counts for the difficulty when priming.

Owning a pool is a lot like owning a home. If you don’t take care of it, if you are ignoring easy indicators and still expect it to work, it eventually won’t. Protect your investment. Here at Artesian Pools Orlando, we encourage pool safety. Because a pool from Artesian pools is not just a pool. It’s something your family can rely on.

Pool Maintenance

The Best Tips on Identifying Pool Problems

Owning a home with a swimming pool means opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and have fun with your family. Running into pool problems can be a nasty break from all that rest and relaxation, however.

If you experience common pool problems, your best first tip is not to worry: they are usually easy and not costly to deal with. Identifying and resolving these problems yourself them will give you more time to enjoy your pool and a safer, cleaner swimming area.

Once you’ve pinned down your problems and solved them, it’s also easier to avoid them in the future through weekly maintenance and monitoring.

What Causes Your Common Pool Problems?

Some common pool problems you will face are mineral accumulation, cloudy water, algae, and burning eyes.

Mineral buildups are caused by the minerals found naturally in your water source. They are carried by the water and then adhere to your swimming pool surfaces and in your filter once the water evaporates.

Debris and Chemical Imbalances

Burning eyes, a strong chlorine odor, and a cloudy pool are the result of improper chemical levels.  Debris is unsightly and can clog your filter, but otherwise is mostly just a nuisance and easily dealt with.

Maintaining the chemical levels in your swimming pool such as pH, total alkalinity and calcium will keep your pool sparkling and clear, solving most common pool problems.

If you have calcium rings in your pool and want to fix this,  purchase muriatic acid solution and try to scrub it off. Use gloves and eye protection to ensure safety. If you are dealing with especially hard water, you should not use chlorine with calcium hypochlorite. Your pool chemical retailer should be able to provide an alternative chlorine product for you.

Correct chemical levels will solve not only mineral buildups but also cloudy water as well. 

It is a common misconception that chlorine causes burning eyes. The real culprit is a chemical called Trichloramine (NCI3.) This also causes the odor we associate with pools. 

One of the most important steps, if you are having pool problems, is to find a store that sells chemicals and pool related items. You can find testing kits that will measure and monitor your calcium, pH and alkalinity balance. After determining which levels may be off, you can target the right chemicals to bring your pool back to normal levels.

Enjoy a Clean Pool Year Round

The main pool problem people face is in not using theirs. Pools are meant to have fun with and gather around. The best way to keep a healthy pool is to use it. From short swim to pool parties, the more you use your pool, the more familiar you will be with it.

Now that you know how to take care of a pool, why not look into buying one? Visit Artesian Pools to see how we can help you choose the best pool for you!