How to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

Hello fellow Floridians! Hurricane season is upon on! This means unpredictable weather, storms, heavy winds, and rains that can damage your home and especially your pool. Although we have no control over the weather, preparing your pool for hurricane season is a time-consuming process typically associated with considerable expense. 

But by taking steps before the arrival of damaging winds, will help you to protect your valuable property. This article will discuss the best way to prepare for hurricanes in Florida so that your pool and everything around it will be better covered during the hurricane season. 

Add Extra Chlorine 

Yes, we know it might sound counterintuitive to add more chlorine or shock to your pool before bad weather hits but hear us out. During storms with high winds, debris, and excessive rainfall can cause stuff to land in your pool. Over time the accumulation of debris creates a breeding ground for bacteria and algae to thrive. Adding some extra chlorine will give you more time to prevent this overgrowth until you get to clean your pool again which there might be no telling when you’ll get a chance to. 

Power Off 

This might be a no-brainer but powering off your pumps and other electrical needs for your pool is a must during a storm, by powering off circuit breakers and other pool equipment such as pump lighting, etc. You can also save yourself money as well as issues in the future regarding broken pool equipment and power surges or shocks. 

Keep the Pool Filled with Water 

Keeping the water in your pool can help for a host of different reasons. The most important one being that it will be easier to clean up debris from the storm. Without water, everything would just fall into the pool, and it can make clean-up more difficult.

The following reason is that it will help prevent your pool from excessive pressure due to excessive rainwater build-up in the ground. We don’t want to see your pool crack under pressure or pop up from the ground. These situations can cause extensive repairs and be extremely costly. 

Avoid Pool Covers 

You might think that covering your pool before a big storm will save you time cleaning up from the aftermath. Unfortunately, by doing this, you are placing your pool cover at risk of being damaged from debris such as fallen branches and much more. Instead, keep your pool cover locked up safely. This will prevent you from shelling out the extra money for a new cover when the storm has passed. 

Take Out Pool Tools and Floaties

Before the storm rolls in, take a good look at what is in your pool. Many things such as thermometers, floaties, and lounges can be uplifted with the high winds and end up somewhere else. Make sure to remove any of these loose articles to prevent you from losing them and having them damage your home or neighbor’s home. 

Luckily with the help of technology, we have been better able to predict the strength of our hurricanes over the recent years. Although this is helpful, you can never be too safe to be over-prepared when it comes to protecting and preparing your pool for a hurricane. If you are interested in building the pool of your dreams, our builders here at Artesian Pools have the skills, experience, and knowledge to make your dreams come true! Contact us today to see how we can get started creating your pool dreams a reality.