Do You Know How Heavy Rain Affects Your Swimming Pool?

Heavy rains are common here in Florida, especially during hurricane season. Everyone worries about hurricanes, but it’s not the winds that scare residents but the potential that these storms can dump incredible amounts of rain nearly every season.

If these rainstorms catch you and your pool off guard, it could lead to some expensive problems. Excess rain, runoff, and poor preparation can leave your pool damaged and put you and your family at risk for health concerns. Let’s take a closer look at how heavy rain can affect your swimming pool. 

Water Levels 

The water level in your pool is critical for proper maintenance and care. Why you may ask? Well, understanding the amount of water in your pool can affect the rest of your maintenance routine. Yes, water levels can make or break your cleaning routine. For example, let’s say you forgot to cover your pool before a heavy rainstorm. In this case, the rain from the storm can cause the water to rise at or above the pool deck. 

This, in turn, can create a chain of unfortunate events such as your skimmer not working correctly to remove debris, causing unsanitary things to float in your pool, and completely diminishing your sanitizing efforts. Ultimately you will be left starting from scratch to maintain a clean and safe pool when this could have been avoided by adequately monitoring your water levels and covering the pool. 

Sanitation Concerns 

Strong winds easily lift dirt and debris during hurricanes and tropical storms, ultimately making their way into your pool. Not only is does this cause problems with the pool mechanics, but it could cause a more serious health concern to swimmers. When debris floats around in the water for long periods, it can create a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and even a cozy habitat for insects or animals. 

Florida weather is the perfect condition for mold and bacteria growth, especially during the summer months when it is rainy and humid. Let’s also not forget about runoff that can bring even more debris and germs into your pool without you even realizing it. 

Storm Preparation 

Heavy rain may not be avoidable, especially in Florida. However, preparing for it can help decrease the chance of rising water levels, sanitation concerns, and overall damage to your pool. Taking care of one of your best investments is easy with a form-fitting pool cover. Whether it is automatic or not, a pool cover can save your sanity and money in the long run. So, if you see an impending storm or it’s getting to be around 3 PM, closing your pool for the day might be the best bet to avoid potential problems down the road from heavy rain. 

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