Imagine this; it’s the first day of spring. You peel back the protective cover of your beautiful inground pool to see that it has turned green. Not to panic, though, green pool water is completely normal and the result of organic algae buildup. It can and does happen to everyone. 

It’s also completely fixable. This issue is prevalent among all pool owners, and it is easy to treat with the right prevention and cleaning tips. Understanding and implementing these essential maintenance guidelines is vital for the longevity and health of your pool. 

Join us, today, for four tips for maintaining crystal clear blue pool water, and beating back unwelcome algae. 


Preventing the spread of algae in its early stages is most important when owning a pool. These key steps for routine pool maintenance will help you avoid overwhelming cleaning issues in the future. 

Keep your sanitizer working correctly and at a high-yet-safe capacity to kill off algae throughout the season. Even if your pool does get hit hard by algae during the winter months, constant sanitation and monitoring during open season will keep you from running into a swamp monster on opening day. 

Opening Day Shock 

If your pool lays dormant without routine sanitization, there is a good chance you will return to see some form of algae build-up. A lack of sanitation chemicals causes the build-up of algae, which is easy to fix using a ​pool shocking product​ to sanitize and kill any living bacteria. 

These tablets offer a large dose of different chlorine and non-chlorine chemicals to kill algae and harmful bacteria. Depending on the severity of your bacteria or algae infestation, you may indeed to shock your pool multiple times to completely rid your pool before it’s safe to swim in. 

After Shock 

Once you have used your pool shocking products enough times to rid the green hue from your water, make sure to constantly run your filter. This will help your pool filter out any dead algae and bacteria. It will also help to get your pool cleared of any high levels of cleaning chemicals which may remain in the water otherwise. 

Depending on your pool’s algae build-up, you will need to wait until it reaches a safe enough ​PH of 7.2 – 7.8.

Green Pool Water Tools 

If your pool has become infested with algae, it is essential to use specific cleaning tools along with chemical sanitizers. Using a pool vacuum and brush will help you get into any crevasse that algae or bacteria may be sticking to in your pool wall. 

Patience is a Virtue 

Not being able to enjoy your pool might make this process seem stressful when it doesn’t have to be. The whole process might take up to a few days to a week to completely rid your green pool water and harmful bacteria. However, once the process is complete, you can go back to your prevention tips to maintain your pool effortlessly for the rest of the season. 

Don’t let green pool water hold you back from enjoying the best investment you will ever make. These useful and straightforward pool maintenance tips can keep your custom-designed artesian pool looking beautiful year-round for a lifetime. ​Contact​ us today to discuss custom pool designs. 

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