Florida is an extremely popular vacation destination as its name, “the Sunshine State”, might show you. There are, however, periods where it can get downright frigid. Many of us live here as temporary residents or snowbirds, taking advantage of the state’s ridiculously sunny disposition.  

For those of you looking for something more permanent, you may want to pay attention to today’s blog, especially if you own a pool here. Winterizing a swimming pool isn’t the most popular here in Florida, but it may be smart. 

Winterize a swimming pool

How to Winterize a Swimming Pool

The How-To’s On Winterizing A Swimming Pool

Floridians don’t typically need to winterize their swimming pools but with the crazy weather we’ve been lately, one never knows. Usually, in the past, if you lived in the south, you wouldn’t necessarily need to winterize anything. However, these weather patterns lately may just lead you to do the inevitable, sooner than later. 

So we’ve done the homework on how to winterize a swimming pool, so you don’t need to.

The simple steps are as follows:
  1. Check the chemical balance of your water. The pool’s pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness should all be in alignment. This will protect from any staining or etching on your pool. Purchase and add a winterizing chemical kit to be ahead of the game for next season. 
  2. Lower water level line to below the skimmer. Since water expands as it freezes, its critical to lower the water line to below the mouth of the skimmer. You want to avoid any water getting into the throat of the skimmer at freezing temps. 
  3. Clear out the plumbing lines. Blow out the water from all plumbing lines using a shop vacuum. Per each line, plug at the pool end using a threaded plug or ‘o’ ring. 
  4. Drain the filter. The filter should have a plug at the bottom allowing it to drain. Remember, after it drains, to turn the water on for a few seconds to get all the water out of the veins of the impeller. 
  5. Cover the pool. Look for solid surface safety cover or mesh covers. Either are fine, and will do the job. It’s just a matter of personal preference.  

Remember to save these few steps for a day when you might need them. While you’re in the market to find that perfect swimming pool, contact Artesian Pools. We are always here to help.