Over the years, the negative stigma of chlorine as a chemical sanitizer in our pools has grown more apparent. And while it continues to grow, people are now looking for different forms of water sanitation for their pools. But, does your pool need chlorine to be safe?

Families opt out of using chlorine in their pools

Thinking that the chemical is unhealthy for those want to swim in it, families openly choose not to put chlorine in their pools. However, if you take into account what your pool will really be like without chlorine, you might never think about your pool without it again.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to chlorine. Most think of it as a harmful chemical responsible for itchy eyes and poor skin quality. When, in fact this is just not true. Chlorine has been used to sanitize water for a hundred years just about. If it has appeared in our drinking water without us knowing, then the assumption that chlorine is harmful, by nature, to us is a severe misconception.

A pool is really just a big bowl of water. This in itself, makes it a natural target for waterborne illnesses which can fester and multiply without a stable supply of sanitizer, vacuuming, filtration, and skimming. Chlorine is the first defense against harmful germs and parasites that can make their home in your pool.

Are there better alternatives than Chlorine?

In a short answer, no. Chlorine may have some side effects in some cases, but the effects of having no chlorine in a pool far outweigh them. The World Health Organization stated that 3.4 million people a year are killed by dirty, untreated water.

There is a way, however, to minimize chemical use and still keep safe pH levels. With the help of ozone or AOP systems to minimize chemical exposure and maximize your pool’s health.

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