Maintaining Your Pool: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you a new swimming pool owner? Perhaps you’ve recently bought a new home with its own pool. Or, maybe you’ve taken the plunge and bought an artesian pool to add to the home you already had.

Congratulations. There’s a whole glorious sun-dappled pool owner future ahead of you. But, the simple task of maintaining your pool now rests on your shoulders.

As with any investment, it’s best to become as well-educated as you possibly can. Pool owners with a proper education have fewer problems, overall, with them and, where they do, they know full well how to fix them.

This brings us to the question of maintaining your pool, and everything that entails.

Maintaining Your Pool

Maintaining Your Pool

Understanding Your Pool

For starters, you’ll need to understand what’s actually going on in your swimming pool, and that starts with a few basic terms.


Circulation is a swimming pool factor that is criminally overlooked. The flow of water around a pool which makes up its circulation stops the water from developing problems with algae or cloudy water. Pool pumps affect this, as well as filters.


Just like a home, keeping a clean pool has implications far beyond it just being more attractive. Your pool needs consistent, active cleaning, usually as a result of the circulation from our first point. You should skim, vacuum, or clean your pool often enough to where detritus never has time gather on its surface.

The Right Combination of Chemicals

It’s well-known that a swimming pool is a delicate balance of the chemicals being used to keep it clean. Before you run off to mix any old assortment of chemicals to unexpected results, start with a water test. This will tell you which way your pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels need to be adjusted, if at all. Then it’s just a case of talking to your local pool specialist and doing a little research to make an intelligent adjustment.

Owning a swimming pool is a full-time commitment, but one with a lot of great payoffs. Ultimately, maintaining your pool is and will always be the best way to keep your investment in its best possible shape.

Get in touch with us, today, and get the kind of pool you’ll want to put a little work into.