What components feature in a backyard swimming pool? How are they connected? Like a skeleton, all of the equipment in your pool is interconnected, working hand-in-hand to create an overall system.

Join us today for a breakdown of swimming pool anatomy, and let’s learn about everybody’s favorite summertime backyard destination.

swimming pool anatomy


A pool skimmer is a plastic box mounted on the wall of the swimming pool. Using a jet of water and a fine-mesh net, it moves water around the pool to bring floating debris back to the origin of the jet. Once it returns, leaves and pool gunk get skimmed into the net and caught, cleaning the surface more effectively. 

Main Drain

This is an inlet responsible for carrying filtered, heated and treated pool water into the pool. Typically, these feature a visible drain cover that must be kept secure to prevent issues.


The inlet that transports filtered, heated and treated water into the pool again is known as the return. This is the filter typically shaped like a directional eyeball and is usually located on the wall or floor.

Rope Eye

Every pool features a rope eyebolt on the tile line. This is installed in order to attach safety rope hooks, even in cases where a safety rope divider is not being used.

Pool Lighting

Underwater lighting in a swimming pool is done by use of a slim LED lamp that fits inside of a 1.5-inch pipe. They are typically extremely brilliant, designed to light up the entire pool, and are available in various colors, sizes, and layouts.

Swimming Pool Anatomy: Know It. Love It.

Your swimming pool is the coolest part of your home, and we’re not talking about temperatures. While it can be a lot of fun to have the option to take a dip in the summer, it’s an investment, and you’d do well to learn the different components of your pool so you always know what’s what.

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