I’m sure you’ve heard of the medicinal benefits of cold showers by now. Mainly, there are two reasons people say they do it: to save money on heating bills or find a new way to improve their health. But what about swimming in cold water? Or even better, swimming in freezing water? 

Believe it or not, there has been a bunch of research done on this specific topic, and the results may be shocking; in a good way. Don’t close up your pools for winter just yet! Read on to learn more about 4 ways you can improve your health by swimming in cold water. 

1. Improved Immune System 

At some point in time, we have all heard that walking out of the house during winter without proper clothing will get us sick. Wouldn’t this be true for swimming in cold water? Although you do run the risk of hypothermia if not done correctly. Done the right way, and you can improve your immune system response to sickness and changes within your body. 

2. Improve Circulation 

If you have ever jumped into water that was too cold for comfort, your body automatically becomes tense. However, this shock in temperature to the body signals your heart to pump more blood to your organs. In turn, increasing circulation throughout our entire body. Better circulations mean toxins can travel out of our bodies faster and give us many other health benefits. 

3. Better Mental Health 

Have you ever accomplished a physical task and felt on top of the world? That’s due to the feel-good hormones circulating throughout your body. These neurotransmitters are referred to as endorphins and make us happy. Swimming in cold water produces loads of endorphins which help to stabilize our moods and increase overall happiness. 

4. Reduce Stress 

You don’t necessarily need to jump into freezing water to cope with the stress of daily life, but it may help. When we increase those feel-good hormones, we improve our mental health, making us stronger against stress. Although everyone handles stress differently, going about it with a positive mindset makes all the difference. 

Proceed with Caution 

Yes, there are many benefits to taking a leisurely swim in your pool during winter, but does that mean you should do it? Not. As with anything, there are always risks that need to be assessed before even thinking about jumping into the freezing water. People with health issues such as heart conditions should steer clear of this activity because of the excess strain on the heart. 

Hypothermia is a big issue that even avid cold-water swimmers take into consideration before their next dive. It can have detrimental and even deadly effects on anyone who does not air on the side of caution. 

Swimming in Cold Water: Conclusion 

Cold water swimming has a variety of benefits. Whether you’re interested in improving your health and wellness, staying in shape, or just experiencing a new adventure, cold water swimming can be a lot of fun. And while it may not be for everyone, the psychological and physical benefits that come from it can’t be ignored. If you’ve never tried cold water swimming before, give it a shot. You may just surprise yourself. Contact our professional pool builders here at Artesian Pools for a custom-built pool that you can enjoy year-round! 

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