Are you looking to build a pool in your backyard? The excitement of becoming a new pool owner often turns to anxiety when you are flooded with questions and concerns regarding the size and shape of your new pool. Too big, and you could be left with no yard space and a high maintenance cost. Too small and you’ll have no room for relaxation and entertaining. 

The solution to this dilemma lies somewhere in between and can be determined by one of our building experts here at Artesian Pools. However, if you want to set your mind at ease, here are a few factors that go into determining the perfect size pool for your backyard. 

Yard Space 

Adding a pool to your backyard takes up a lot of space. Even a small in-ground pool needs a good amount of land to be perfect. Taking the total yard space into account as well as the terrain is critical for an ideal build. It’s also important to note that even a yard that lacks space can still acquire a beautifully built pool that can accentuate all of the small details of your landscape. 

Here at Artesian Pools, we work with the landscape to provide you with an exceptional pool-building experience. Working with the land helps us create a beautiful pool that elevates your property, increases your home’s value and much more. 

Amount of Swimmers 

When the Florida heat reaches temperatures of 100°F or more the size of your pool might not matter. However, to ensure that all the swimmers are comfortable, it’s essential to consider the number of people enjoying the pool at once. Having a big family or being the main house for entertainment can mean having a bigger pool is a must. However, if you plan on enjoying your pool in solidarity, then opting for a smaller build would be more suitable. 

Pool Usage 

Are you planning on spending your days floating leisurely around the pool? Or are you looking to swim laps daily to increase your health? Either way, the use of your pool matters in regards to the size. Smaller pools make it more difficult to swim laps comfortably, and larger pools might be too much room to use for relaxation. Finding a happy medium or deciding the best usage for your pool can better help you choose the best size. 

By taking into account these different factors, you’ll be better able to understand that the size of your pool truly does matter. If you want to build an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard, contact our pool building experts at Artesian Pools. We are one of central Florida’s largest and oldest in-ground pool and spa builders. Check out our galleries online to learn more about the fantastic pools we have built for our customers over the years.