Spring is such a wonderful time of year as the weather gets warmer and plants begin to blossom. However, the minute you step into your yard after it starts to warm up, you are immediately greeted with yellow pollen blowing in from every direction! You aren’t alone, though; springtime in most parts of the country also means pollen filling the air from all different plants that are pollinating. As if that wasn’t enough, chances are if you have a pool, you now have pollen floating around in it as well.

But what do you do if your pool or spa is dirty? You can painstakingly remove all of the pollen with a pool net, or you can try one of these 4 easy steps to removing pollen from your pool this spring!

Remove Leaves and Debris

One of the most important things you can do to keep your pool safe and clean is to clean the surface which prevents algae from forming. When a film of algae builds upon the water’s surface, it absorbs sunlight, which produces more algae. Skimmers don’t collect all the debris floating on the water, but they can catch larger pieces of debris that sink to the bottom. They are also used primarily to remove leaves from the water as they drift down from trees overhanging your pool.

Although there might be an unsightly yellow film on your pool this spring, the first step to removing the pollen is actually to remove any leaves or large debris floating on the surface of the water. This will allow you to handle the task at hand without anything getting in the way.

Remove Pollen From Your Pool With Tools

Now it’s time to get a little dirty and break out your handy pool tools such as your brush and vacuum. These tools will help loosen any pollen sticking to the sides or floor of your pool. When the filtration system kicks, the pollen will be quickly swept away, and your pool will go back to looking sparkling clean.

Use Chemicals

Pool chemicals such as shock are not enough to get rid of the pollen itself. However, it will help to kill any bacteria, algae, or critters that have made your pool their home due to the layer of pollen. The best thing you can do is add aluminum sulfate. This chemical binds to the pollen and makes it clump together. In turn, making it easier for you to get the smaller particles that might be passed through a skimmer or the filtration system.

Run the Filter System

To prevent pollen buildup, it’s essential to run your pool’s filtration system. This will keep the water from remaining stagnant and push any debris or pollen into the filters instead of on the surface of your pool. If you find that you don’t use your pool often in between uses, it might be a good idea to invest in an excellent form-fitting cover.

By following these 4 easy steps, you’ll be able to remove pollen from your pool and get back to enjoying the crystal-clear water you once had. Not a pool owner yet? Not to worry. Here at Artesian Pools, we have years of experience custom building in-ground pools for our clients, and you could be next! Give us a call today to speak to one of our pool building professionals.