Discover Three Pool Supplies To Up The Tech In Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools have been a summertime staple in neighborhoods across America for generations. They’re a tradition, and we all have our memories of splashing around in the cool kid from the neighborhood’s pool.

But, as with all things, it’s important that your swimming pool moves with the times. Join us today, as we bring you three pieces of pool supplies and tech to improve your experience as a swimming pool owner.

pool supplies

Pool Supplies: Automation Systems

A high-grade automation system allows users to program any number of various pool and spa functions. Control pumps and filters with a touch of a button or an alarm.

Use control panels to change and automate up to 30 unique pool and spa functions. Cleaning, heating and lighting, filtration, jet, and purification functions are all made easier with automation systems. 

Pool Supplies: Remote and Mobile Control Devices

Adding remote control to your pool’s design is a great move for improving your overall comfort and convenience in the water. Take advantage of your system’s ability to activate and monitor various equipment functions and water quality changes with ease.

Typically, you’ll have three categories to choose from: pool remotes, desktop platforms, and mobile apps. Handheld devices are, for the most part, pretty easy to use and feature backlit LCD touchscreens so you can use them at any time of the day. Pool owners can display air and water temperatures, and custom functions can even give groups access to this programming. Manage pools from wherever you are, from your kitchen counter to your home desktop, and enjoy added convenience with specialized remote control.

Pool Supplies: Automated Pool Cleaners

Cleaning your pool is completely necessary, and 100% not a good time. Thankfully, you can automate the entire process. Remove leaves and garden debris from your pool water by investing in an automatic pool cleaner. These roving units perform this backbreaking task for you, in the background, leaving you free to just enjoy your swimming pool. 

The concept is simple enough. The unit does laps around your pool on a set schedule, sucking up and filtering mucky water as it goes. Cleaners come in inhaler, pressure, and robot varieties, each effective in their own ways at stopping unwanted pool water muck.

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