While it’s the off-season for swimming pools and water recreation, you are probably looking at your in-ground pool in dislike. It just sits there in the dead of winter, unable to provide any fun or relaxation for you, your family, or your guests.

However, you don’t have to hate your pool. This is the best time to do some quick and inexpensive pool improvements.  The cold weather gives you some time to figure out where to put some of that piggy bank money you’ve been saving. Assuming your pool is in good mechanical shape, we have some suggestions to better its cosmetic aesthetics.  

Three Easy Improvements To Like Your Pool Again

    1. Custom Lighting. Whether it’s landscape or pool lighting you’re looking for, either can be a big improvement.

      Landscape lighting can illuminate the grounds in ways that accentuate your in-ground pool. This is fairly easy to do or you can hire an electrician to professionally handle it. There are pool lighting kits available at pool stores or your local hardware shop.

    2. Redo your deck. Whatever decking you have for your in-ground pool, maybe it is time to update it.

      If you have concrete decking, consider upgrading to stone. You can create many variations with just a few of the simplest upgrades. Consider lining the top edge of your pool with a different color or custom tile. A water slide or diving board would be a great addition for both children and adults alike.

    3. Add water features. How does a new water fountain sound?

      A beautiful water feature flowing into your pool is always an option. Another option to consider is a jacuzzi. This feature can be used year-round and make your backyard pool decking all the more beautiful to look at.



Pool Improvements: Time To Start Up Those Pool Parties Again

As you can see, there are quite a few projects to up your pool game in the neighborhood. Contact Artesian Pool Daytona to get an estimate on a custom-built pool for your home, today.

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