Floridians don’t have to wait too long, luckily for nice pool weather. And it’s never too early to start planning for the first pool day for your kids and maybe, the neighborhood kids that find out mysteriously. Kids are always looking for something to keep them occupied and happy. And while they are playing, if we can make it a safer environment, it makes us feel happier too. 

With everything in life, we can always try to make things safer. Here are a few tips on how to make the pool experience more enjoyable, less stressful and safer. 

Seven Ways to Reduce Risk, Encourage More Pool Fun For Kids

  1. Teach Kids To Swim. Kids can learn to swim at very young ages. Especially if you have a backyard pool, it is best to get them lessons to handle all scenarios. This does not mean you can take your eyes off of them, but if they are equipped with the knowledge, they are much the wiser. 
  2. They Should Be Able To Float. General rule of thumb is for kids three and under, they should wear life jackets at all times. This includes when they are on the pool deck, the edge and of course, in the water. If over three, it is recommended that the non-swimmers wear life-jackets until they can stand up in the pool. 
  3. All Hands On Deck. Create a safe environment for the pool area. Make sure to have a first aid kit handy for those scrapes and bruises. Rescue buoys and a long pole are always recommended to have handy. 
  4. Get Rid Of The Toys When Not In Use. If toys are accessible to children on the pool deck, this will encourage them to want to go after them. This is not good practice. When water fun is over, make sure to pick up and visually put away all toys so as to avoid any pool scare.
  5. No Slippery Surfaces. No matter how many times you say it, kids still run in the pool area. Put down non-slip surfaces as much as necessary.
  6. Drains Can Suck, Literally. Make sure to make mention of the location of the drains so kids can avoid them. It is possible, but completely avoidable, for a child to get a limb or fingers stuck in the pool drains, so please watch out for them. 
  7. Make A Rule Board. Post a board in the pool area and make sure the children stick to them. Make the most important at the top, keeping safety in mind for every rule posting.

Have A Fun Pool Day, But Play Safe

A good day at the pool with friends and safety is a great day. Have you been thinking of putting in an in-ground swimming pool? If so, contact the experts at Artesian Pools. Our staff has the experience and ideas to make it happen for you and your family.