Our Brilliant Pool Lighting Blinds the Competition!


Orlando Pools

We offer LED pool lighting!

Artesian Pools, located in Central Florida, offers the best underwater pool lighting systems for Orlando pools. We will have your nighttime adventures in your spa or pool filled with illuminating lights in a wide variety of colors. With these amazing color-changing lights, you will never have a dull moment in your pool or spa. Whether you are having a romantic night with your significant other, having a relaxation day full of tranquility, having a big party, or simply just a regular day in the pool, Artesian Pools will definitely supply the right  pool lighting to set the mood of the hour. Our Orlando pools feature lighting systems which come pre-stocked with many light shows such as: California Sunset, USA!, Tranquility, and many more! For our customers who do not own an automated system, we offer an easy-to-use controller that lets the user easily select the color mode they would like, turn the lighting system on and off, and a favorites/recall button for easy access to a previous or favorite lighting setting.

Worried about energy costs?

Our LED pool lighting is energy efficient, using less than 82% of the energy needed to run traditional incandescent and halogen lights, along with being user-friendly because there’s never any bulbs to change! No worries about being burned by hot lights or getting an electrical shock because our underwater pool lighting systems are sealed in a solid state with no internal filament that usually wears out over time. Artesian Pools white lighting is the brightest there is, and THEY ARE ENERGY EFFICIENT! While only using 70 watts, our white lighting system puts out the same output as a 500 watt incandescent light.

There is no doubt that Artesian Pools offers the best lighting in for Orlando pools, so call today to get your free quote!