One of the best things about Florida weather is that you can always have a relaxing swim, even in the winter months. Enjoy Florida the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Don’t let the upcoming fall season stop you from enjoying your pool, with our fall pool maintenance tips to keep you in the water, year-round

Heat It Up 

The temperature during fall and winter months in Central Florida rarely drops below an average of 52 degrees. If you live in an area where your pool sees less sun during these months, be aware that your water temperature will drop significantly more. 

If you do not wish to take a polar bear plunge into your pool in the colder months, it’s best to invest in a pool heater. These machines are cost-efficient and use different power sources which include:  

  • Gas 
  • Electricity
  • Combination of gas and electricity   
  • Solar energy 

The right pool heater for you will depend on how much water you want to heat up, and your budget. Incorporating a pool heater can save you from shutting the doors on your pool, so you and your family can swim comfortably on cold days.

Fall Pool Maintenance Routine Clean 

You may believe you can clean your pool less often when it’s not in use but that is incorrect. A fall maintenance routine is just as important as it is during the busy summer months.  

Leaves and other debris falling into your pool can cause many issues if left unattended. If you do not stay on top of accumulating debris that may be floating around, you can run into problems such as: 

  • Clogged filters
  • Stains or abrasions on your pool walls
  • A build-up of algae or bacteria 

The key is consistency. Keep tools and chemicals handy to help you skim off debris and stop algae or bacteria overgrowth. Stick to a simple cleaning routine, allowing you to swim year-round.  

Water Levels 

Pool water quickly evaporates in the summer months due to high temperatures. The evaporation process means that you need to fill up the pool more often to compensate for the loss of water. However, during colder months, you should still check water levels regularly but will not need to refill as often. 

Continue to check levels regularly to maintain the proper function of your pool mechanics. Adequate water levels will help you keep your skimmer running correctly and keep any floating debris or critters out. 

At Artesian Pools, we hope that you can enjoy the benefits of your inground pool year-round with these easy fall pool maintenance tips. Contact us today to see how you can become a proud owner of a custom-designed artesian pool and enjoy a relaxing dip, any time of year.   

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