There is a common confusion with the terms “waterproof” and “water-resistant”. Some like to combine the words thinking they mean the same thing while they are actually quite different. Knowing the difference could help protect some of your valuable items such as your phone. People mistaking what the difference between these terms are have ruined expensive electronics before and were none too happy. The main thing you need to remember and really take to heart is that waterproof is mostly absolute while water resistance isn’t. For further details on what that means read on ahead.

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   Waterproof: When we say waterproof is absolute, we mean that it is perfectly safe to be submerged in water. Either the item itself or the case it is in is designed to not let any water inside so it can operate both above water and below water. One such example is the GoPro camera and its case. The GoPro itself is not waterproof, but the case is. The case prevents any water from coming in contact with the camera so it is perfectly safe to take underwater. Most waterproof things are technically a case. Even if you don’t place the item inside a case, the item itself has a case like outer shell preventing water from entering it. Just be careful, over time these cases and outer shells can get damaged and lose their waterproof status.

   Water Resistant: If you have ever worn a watch you have most likely seen the words on it “Water Resistant up to” on the back. Depending on the number is what you can do wearing it. Most watches are resistant at least up to 3 atm or 30 meters. These watches are fine to wear out in the rain, but if you take them into the water they are likely to malfunction because they are only water resistant, not waterproof. They can handle getting a little wet but too much water and they can break. Many phones are starting to do this as well, adding water resistant to their line of features. While it’s not a good idea to take them in the water you don’t have to worry if you get soaked in a passing storm or get splashed while fishing. If you take them past their recommended limits you are liable if it breaks or malfunctions.

   When you are trying to decide it if it safe to take something into the pool with you, check the product first. Look at the instructions or packaging to find the answer. If you can’t find either check the product’s details online and be careful not to get tricked like some iPhone users did a few years ago. A fake ad came out for the iPhone stating that updating your iOS to iOS 7 would make your phone waterproof. It was so convincing that a few people actually gave it a try and regretted it rather quickly.

   So before you get into that beautiful custom pool built by the premiere Orlando Pool Building company Artesian Pools, make sure you not bringing in anything that’s going to get damaged by the water.


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