Know Your Style

When it comes to designing a pool there are several things we have to consider. We could just throw together a pool design and call it that. That, however, doesn’t make a custom pool an amazing pool. In order to make a pool really stand out in a good way, there are some things that our designers have to consider.

Daytona Beach custom designed swimming pool

Will the pool design look good with your home?

Will it work with the landscape that is around your home?

Will it even fit in your yard?

Does it match your home’s style?

You don’t want a pool that is going to clash with the style of your home. Anyone can put a pool in their backyard. We aim to make sure this pool is a monument to family fun and adventure. This means matching the shape and layout to the yard, colors to the home, and features to the design. You usually don’t want a pool to cover the entire backyard. This includes the design work done around the pool as well. When it comes to things like patio furniture, that is design work for you. We design the space where that patio furniture is going to go.

Like any great masterpiece of art, there is a lot of thought and direction that goes into designing our pools. From beginning to end, we work toward creating something that is not just unique to yourself, but blends in with your home so that the entire property will wow friends and family alike.

When you contact Artesian Pools for your own Daytona Beach custom designed swimming pool, don’t be afraid to give them some extra details. You can even send a few pictures to help get the process started. To see some of the pools we have designed and built for clients, check out our Facebook page. While you are there, feel free to like our page to keep up to date.

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