Childproofing the Pool

There is a joke that when you have children the fun ends and the adventure begins. This is because having a child comes with a lot of changes to your life. You have to spend money raising them instead of going on weekend trips. Your late nights staying up and going out drinking with friends is now staying up late and hoping the baby goes to sleep in the next three hours. That awesome sports car in the driveway? Well, we are sure they have mini-vans in that color too. While it might seem like the fun is all over for you, it does have its perks to it. You get to witness the first steps, the first words, that adorable scene when they finally go to sleep at 2 in the morning that makes it all worthwhile. There is also the fun part where you get to hold onto your Custom Daytona Beach pool.

Custom Daytona Beach pool

    Some people might consider it dangerous to have a pool and a small child, but with the right steps, it can be perfectly safe. You just have to do a little bit of child proofing and be diligent in making sure they can’t get around the pool unsupervised. The best way to ensure that your pool reminds safe from your child and that your child stays safe around your pool, is to follow some of the steps below.

    Pool Covers: Not just any pool cover will do. You need one that will tightly secure itself over your pool so that a child can’t lift it up and get under it. Find one that will secure itself firmly and one that is durable in case the child decides to crawl on top of it. They also sell nets that tightly secure over the pool, keep the child from falling in if they crawl on top of them, and make the pool below visible.

   Fences: You can buy a temporary fence to place around the pool and keep the child safely away from it. These fences don’t have to be secured in the ground, can be bought long enough to cover any pool, and still over easy access to the pool for adults. You can also get a normal fence that goes around your pool and sticks in the ground if you wish. Some of them are designed to be secure yet cosmetically pleasing.

   Cut Off Access: For a pool to be dangerous to a child, they need to have access to it. The easiest way to keep them out of the pool area is to simply keep access to it closed. Whatever door leads to the pool area, keep it locked at all times unless you are out there. As a child grows, they will learn to open doors, so just keeping them closed isn’t always enough.

   Pool Alarm: There are alarms that can detect when anything enters the pool. The most effective ones use a light beam that goes over the water’s surface. If the light beam is broken than it sounds a loud alarm. Some also allow for secondary alarms to go off inside the house to better warn you. The only downside to this is the possibility of false alarms going off.

    Introduce Them to the Water: They might not be able to swim on their own at first, but you can still introduce them to the water. There are swim schools like Aqua Journeys in Ormond Beach that introduce children to water, teaches them to float, and helps them to learn to swim. This can help them not to panic if they fall into the pool and paired with the alarm gives you more time to get to them.

   Pools are more than just a fun area to hang out in the backyard. They are one of the best places to create memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy your Custom Daytona Beach pool with your family and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures.


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