Maintaining Your Pool

It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting somewhere sunny or surrounded by a blanket of snow, winter pool maintenance doesn’t quit just because you do. Taking care of your pool now can save you a ton of money in repairs once it’s time to open your pool again come spring time.

Freezing temperatures and contaminated water can be hell to recover from. Maintaining your investments by guarding your swimming pool away from winter damage is not only suggested – it’s necessary.

Today, we will discuss the importance of pool covers, water chemistry during the cold season, and maintaining your pool equipment.

Pool Covers

In cold regions, closing the pool off starts as soon as pool season ends to safeguard against harsh conditions. Also, adding a pool cover is necessary to protect the pool from snow, debris, and animal byproducts.

How to ensure that your pool cover stays in good shape?

  • Make sure the cover is securely attached to your pool, which could mean tightening the cable for an above ground pool, inflating an air pillow, or securing cover clips. And, for an in-ground pool, the water blocks or bags are secured, ensuring all of your safety components are in place.

  • Remove debris using a hose and vacuum to remove excess water from your pool cover.

  • Use a roof rake to pull the snow off your pool cover, as the excess weight can cause damage, especially while the snow is still fresh.

Winter Pool Chemistry

Pools are not usually completely drained for winter, so chemically balanced water is key to a clean swimming pool. It prevents the growth of algae, bacteria, waterlines, and other contaminants, making the opening process much easier.

Tips to maintain your pool water while your pool is closed are:

  • Check pool chemistry every two months when not in use. Improperly balanced pool chemistry encourages algae and bacteria growth.

  • Discard all pool chemicals from the previous season due to a loss their potency.

  • Use enzyme products to help break down non-living contamination and prevent waterline rings from forming. Adding this will save you time scrubbing pool tiles or finishing when opening the pool in the spring.

  • For those in warm climates where the pool is left uncovered during the winter, it is still important to maintain your pool. Keep the pool clean and decontaminated to avoid potential health risks.

Pool Parts

Pool parts may be kept and forgotten about when you are not bothered to use your pool. However, they require periodic maintenance to keep them as good as new.

Steps to keeping your pool parts in perfect working condition are:

  • Conduct a proper checking of your pool pump, filter and heater periodically to ensure everything is working perfectly.

  • While checking your pool parts, ensure that all excess water has been removed. Water that has frozen could cause cracking of pipes, which in turn leads to much larger problems later on.

  • Contact your local pool professional for help in maintaining your pool during the winter.

Maintaining Your Pool: An All Year Affair

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