Swimming Pool Vs Beach

There are many ways to enjoy large amounts of water at one time. Our personal favorite is the swimming pool. Nothing beats a custom designed Artesian Pool. Another great alternative is heading down to the beach. Lots of sun, sand, and plenty of water. So now it’s time to put these two options against each other. Couldn’t you enjoy both of these since they are not mutually exclusive? Well, yes but that’s not why we are here. So grab your swim trunks, gather the family, and let’s see what we are doing today.

Sharks: The beach has them. Pools don’t have them unless your neighbors don’t like you. On average, swimming pools have 100% fewer sharks than the next leading beach. The numbers don’t lie. Stick to the pool.

Parking: It’s common to find packed parking lots at the beach. Open lots are ones that charge to park there. With a swimming pool, you own the parking lot. You don’t have to pay for parking. You can also deny sharks a parking space in your driveway.

Food: Sometimes there is food at the beach. If there is you have to go pay for it. You always have food in the kitchen. Go in and get a snack or light up the grill. Know what else your pool doesn’t have? Seagulls trying to steal your food. Also sharks.

People: Anyone and everyone can go to the beach. Making it crowded on the sand and in the water. While this is a good distraction for escaping sharks it’s not good for relaxing. At your pool, you control how many people are going to be there.

Thanks to these various factors and a fear of sharks, we say swimming pool wins. So why not get on the winning side with a custom designed swimming pool. We commit ourselves to beautiful, well crafted, shark-free pools.

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