Keep Halloween Spooky Yet Safe

Daytona Beach Swimming Pool

 It’s one of the best times of the year, time for Halloween! There are spooky movies on TV, stores are overfilled with candy, and we get to run around in costumes. For some of us, Halloween is a time to take our little ones around so they can get buckets full of alcohol. For others, it is a time to dress up and go to parties. All around it is just a fun time to be had. One of the best parts is also one of the most creative and that is decorating the home of the occasion. For one night a year having a haunted house is a compliment instead of a problem. Well, unless your home is actually haunted. In that case, you might want to look at finding a medium to make sure the ghosts are okay with you building a pool. We sure they will be, makes the home more fun to haunt.

   Back on track, however, decorating your home to make it look haunting and festive is always a fun activity to do. Especially if you have a pool since it opens up new possibilities for your decorating. You can have a foggy swamp or a shark-infested pool for visitors to see. Toss some dry ice or a strategically placed fog machine with some lights to really make it spooky. While fun, these do pose a potential danger to anyone who comes into the backyard. Too much fog and they might not be able to see the edge of the pool. If they are young and excited they might not be too careful to look for the edge of the pool and fall in. At the very least their candy will be ruined, at the worst, it could be a fatal accident. So how can you decorate a pool for Halloween while keeping it safe?

   Fencing is always a good option for keeping others out of a pool. Being Halloween you can get decorative with the idea as well. If you already have a proper fence around your pool you can line it with form gravestones and spiderwebs. If you don’t have a proper fence installed, look at getting some Halloween decorative fence. You can usually get some imitation iron fencing made from plastic or rubber for fairly cheap this time of year. It creates a noticeable boundary for your pool to keep people out, isn’t that expensive, and fits the holiday decorations.

   Of course, the first thing you need is a pool to decorate. Can decorate your neighbor’s pool with them, but really it’s just not the same. You need your own to decorate for the Halloween season and to enjoy the rest of the year. So why are you waiting, treat yourself and your family this holiday season with your very own Daytona Beach Swimming Pool! Contact Artesian Pools today to get your custom pool started.


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