Warming Up After A Cold Swim

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Who doesn’t love a dip in a nice cool pool on a hot Summer day? It’s the perfect way to beat the heat. I am tempted to take a break from writing this and go swimming instead. No swimming while on the clock. Anyways the feeling of jumping in a pool can’t be beaten. Getting out of a pool can be less desirable. Being cold in a pool feels amazing. Being cold beside a pool is kinda miserable. Especially in what we would consider Winter. What can you do to warm up once you’re done with the pool?

  • Warm clothing: The first thing to do is ditch the wet swimsuit and get into some warm clothes. You’re not going to warm up wrapped in cold water drenched clothing.
  • Movement: Body heat is a wonderful thing. Generate some by moving around. Take a walk around the pool. Do some like exercise, or some sports with friends or family.
  • Warm Drinks: Warm up the bones and warm up the body. Drink a warm drink like hot tea, hot chocolate, or hot coffee. It will taste good and warm you up.
  • Hot Shower: Cold water cooled you down, why not use hot water to warm you up? Take a quirk hot shower after leaving the pool. This also helps remove chlorine from your hair and skin.

Now granted there are times it gets so hot you won’t need to warm up. When that happens you can sit poolside and dry off. For when it does get cold you can use these tips to warm up. After all, the end result shouldn’t deter you from enjoying your pool. What are a few moments of chilly air compared to fun and exercise? Especially when you have a custom designed pool to swim in.

Don’t have a custom designed pool to swim in? Well, that is a problem. A problem that we can fix. Contact Artesian Pool now for your very own Daytona Beach Inground Pools.

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