Pool Turning Green

We all love the feeling we get when we walk out the back door and see a pool filled with beautiful clear water waiting for us to swim in. We feel less enthusiastic, however, when that water is green and dirty. With a great pool comes great responsibility. If you are not diligent with keeping your pool clean, you are going to end up with some green pool water. Don’t worry too much though, there are ways to keep the pool in line and even return that green water to its former glory.

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 First off, what causes the water to turn green? The answer is algae. When the chlorine level of a pool drops below 1 PPM, algae find an environment to spread in. To keep algae out of the pool, you need to make sure you keep your chlorine levels balanced. There are a few things to consider when you are monitoring the chlorine level.

 1. Ph Level: The Ph level is important to keep in the middle of the scale, between 7 and 8 on the scale. The recommended levels are between 7.2 and 7.6. Anything below 7 on the ph scale is considered to base while above 8 is considered too acidic. This is important because if the ph level is too high the chlorine becomes less effective. This means you need to use more to get the same results.

2. Pool Filter: The pool filter runs constantly, rotating the water and the chlorine in it while taking out anything that shouldn’t be in there. Over time, though, algae and other debris will start covering the filter. Now and then make sure to remove the filter and give it a good cleaning, or replace it if it is needed. If the filter gets too covered, some of that algae and particles will start getting tossed back into the pool water.

3. Cleaning the Pool itself: Algae likes to cling to the side of the pool. Sometimes it is required that you get a pool brush and scrub off the sides of the pool. This loosens any algae attached to the wall and helps break it up into easier to manage sizes for the filter and chlorine to combat against.

There are multiple products to help clean up your pool. Test your pool’s chlorine and Ph levels to find out which products are needed to get your pool back to normal. If you walk out the back door and see your dream pool is filled with dirt and grass, however, contact Artesian Pools. We are a professional Orlando pool company that creates custom pools for all of our clients.


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