5 Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is the ultimate exercise, for those both young and old, looking to get in a good workout without causing any serious damage to their joints. It is a great way to keep fit while recovering from an injury and there is no need for fancy equipment. That being said, let’s take a deeper look at the health benefits of swimming.

benefits to swimming

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Improve your muscle definition and strength

Swimming is a total body workout that uses and exercises all muscle groups whereas running focuses mainly on your legs. With added water resistance is takes a lot more physical effort to swim a mile as opposed to running a mile. The combination of the upper and lower body working together simultaneously create a high-intensity cardio workout guaranteed to make an impact on your body.

Swimming increases bone density

According to research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, swimming showed a significant improvement in the Bone mineral density in the participating subjects. It was originally thought that only weight-bearing exercises such as running and weightlifting could increase bone density but that’s simply not the case. This means that swimming is an amazing alternative for those looking to strengthen their bones without risk of damaging them in the process.

Inflammation Reduction

System-wide inflammation is a breeding ground for disease and must be kept under control. Which means that it’s important to take preventative measures when it comes to your cardiovascular health. Research shows that aerobic activities such as swimming reduces inflammation leading to atherosclerosis or fat build-up in the heart.

Reduce the Effects of Depression and Stress

If you are feeling emotionally drained or overly stressed it is recommended that you go for a swim. Similar to a runner’s high, swimming produces the same natural endorphin rush that can have you feeling better in no time! The rhythm of your breath and splashing water have a meditative and calming effect as you focus more on staying afloat and not on what’s ailing you. Research shows that long-term stress damages the brain and that swimming can actually help reverse that damage. Swimming stretches your body with causing any strain on your muscles making you feel both energized and relaxed.

Helps to Improve Asthma Induced by Exercise

Those suffering from the symptoms of asthma may feel incredibly frustrated by being unable to properly exercise due to difficulty breathing. The difference with swimming as opposed to any land based exercise is that one breathes in moist air as they are working out. Swimming improves asthma related symptoms irritated by dry air and the overall conditions of the lungs in the long term. For those with already healthy lungs, swimming helps to teach good breathing techniques and increases the overall lung volume.

Discover the Benefits to Swimming

When it comes to fitness and your overall well being there are a lot avenues you can take. Swimming has dozens of proven benefits for both your body and your mind. From improving muscle definition to helping with asthma its an exercise with a lot of merit. Exercise naturally increases longevity but swimming can give you the best results with the minimal damage to your physical body.

Owning a pool is not only an investment for your home but for your mental and physical health. For one of Central Florida’s largest and oldest custom pool and spa builders get in touch with Artesian Pools today!


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