Should I Get A Diving Board?

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Should you get a diving board and soar through the air? Take a great leap and send a shockwave through the pool? Will you choose to be as all mighty Neptune of the pool and send waves crashing? Stand upon the diving board mighty lord of the pool! Let the party guests stare in awe-inspiring anticipation! Or don’t. Either one works.

Diving boards seem like a fun investment but are they worth getting? That depends on who is getting a pool and why. While diving boards can be fun they do have a few drawbacks you need to consider. None of which will shatter your hopes for a diving board. Yet it is important to address them.

Less Play Area: Play area is the area people can stand above water. It’s deep enough to cover most of the body. It’s also shallow enough to keep the head above water. This is where pool goers spend most of their time. Because diving boards need deep water for safety the play area is reduced. This means less room for guests to hang out.

Insurance Rates: Remember that kid in school who always reminded the teacher about last night’s homework? The homework you didn’t do? Now their name is insurance companies. Having a diving board can increase your insurance rates. How much they go up depends on the company.

Bigger Pool: A pool needs to be at least 38 ft long for a diving board. This gives the pool room to slope down to a safe distance. This is an issue for people who want a smaller pool in their backyard. It also means the pool has to be deeper than usual. Which can increase the cost of it.

Safety: Like most things fun in this world they can also be dangerous. Diving boards are no exception. Remember you are responsible for anyone in your pool. If they get injured it could come back on you. It could even be you who gets injured.

When choosing a pool for your home consider what you want out of it. Decide what extras you want. Will a diving board enrich your experience or sit on the edge collecting dust? Maybe you would enjoy a fountain more instead. Whatever your luxury would be, let Artesian Pools make it a reality. We have years of experience when it comes to Orlando Inground Pool Building.

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