Proper Pool Etiquette

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How informed are you on proper etiquette? No, we don’t mean dinner etiquette, we mean real etiquette, like the one you need to have when enjoying the pool of other people. Who has time to eat with five forks, seven spoons, and three knives? There is a pool waiting for you to enjoy in the backyard. It’s bad enough you’re supposed to wait a half hour before swimming after a meal, don’t make it any longer with complex silverware configurations. When you go swimming with friends and family, rather it is in your own pool or someone else’s, there are certain rules of etiquette you should follow. So put on your bathing suit, pop in your monocle, and gather the lads, we’re are going to the pool o’chap.

   Appropriate Wear: When it comes to what to wear in the pool, it seems easy enough to figure swim trunks. What if you don’t have swimming trunks, however, what else can you wear? Really swim trunks or a bathing suit are the best thing you can wear. Jeans of any sort, even jean shorts, soak up water, get heavy, and can disperse that water all over the place when you leave the pool. This makes the ground slippier, the seats wetter, and you have to work harder keeping your shorts up.

   Appropriate Splashing: It’s always fun to splash around in the pool, but remember not everyone wants to join in. When it comes to playing in the pool, definitely enjoy yourself but remember other people around you might prefer to relax by the pool, mingle with other guests, or just take it easy. Splashing around near them can be seen as ruder than anything. You also have to remember that they might have a smartphone on them. Get their electronics wet and we can promise you won’t be having a good day.

  Medical Conditions: Still don’t know why you have a bad rash on your thigh? We don’t know either, but we know that other people don’t want to catch whatever it is. Seeing someone go into the pool with a visible medical condition that might be contagious is a big turn off at a party. People also don’t want to see you sneezing into the pool. It’s important to take this into consideration when it comes to getting into a pool with other people.

  Drink Smart: A wild drunk on their own is problematic enough, but combine that with a pool and the problems really start. It is okay to throw back one or two while at a pool party, but don’t let it impair your ability to swim or your ability to behave around the pool. Especially don’t let it impair your ability to keep your clothes on because you won’t live down the crazy uncle skinny dipping at his nephew’s pool party.

If you are at someone else’s pool, these rules become even more important. You don’t want to ruin the pool owners fun time by acting inappropriate. If the party is at your own Orlando custom designed pool you have all the time in the world to act inappropriately when no one is around.


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