Daytona Beach Pool Building Professionals

daytona beach pool building professionals

Pools are a great addition to any home. Especially when they are custom designed by Artesian Pools. We have to wonder though, why stop with a pool? Or even why start with one? Home improvement is an exciting venture for anyone to undertake. It takes an old house and makes it feel brand new. Instead of buying an entire new home you improve what you got. It’s less hassle and more excitement. What goes good with that new pool though? Let’s look at some options.

Back Deck/Patio: Want to stare at your pool? You can do that from your back deck or porch. Why not make yourself comfortable while you do this? Build yourself a nice deck area or a patio. Use wood to create a cozy area or stone for artistic. Add a table with umbrella for those hot days and grilled hamburgers. Keep it simple with a smaller patio area and a bistro table. The perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee. You can relax while the kids enjoy the pool under your watchful eye.

Wooden Swing: There are two perfect places to spend a hot day. In a pool or in a swing with someone special. A wooden bench swing can be set up anywhere. Close to a pool, under a large tree, on your new deck. The options are limitless. Can even build in in your pool though it’s not recommended. If the bench has treated wood you can even sit on it wet. Go from the pool and dry off on the bench without worrying about ruining it.

Vegetation: Why not compliment the new pool with some new trees or bushes? Plant some smaller trees around the border of your home for some privacy while swimming. Use some bushes along the pool’s fence to add some decor. Add some flowers to add even more color to the back yard. Trees are also a great way to add shade to your yard when the sun gets too much.

Rather it comes before or after, you will need a pool to tie it all together. Get started on your home improvement project by contacting Artesian Pools. We have years of experience as Daytona Beach Pool Building Professionals.

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