How Long It Takes To Build Custom Pools

One of the hallmarks of luxury, leisure, and relaxation is a swimming pool. No doubt, swimming is great exercise, a good way to relax and also bond with loved ones. Plus, the “cool” factor is undeniable – this is a status symbol decades in the making.

If you are already dreaming of a giant bowl of turquoise water (or whatever color of tiles you choose), you must be wondering how long it takes to make this dream come true.

The process of creating a pool (at least, at home, with your own two hand) can be broken down into several stages. You’ll need about eight to twelve weeks to build a standard pool, and the whole process follows the following outline:

  • Layout (1-4 weeks)

  • License (2-6 weeks)

  • Digging and excavation (one week)

  • Steel, plumbing, electrical (1-2 weeks)

  • Plastering and fiberglass (1-3 weeks)

  • Landscaping (1-4 weeks)

  • Miscellaneous

Find An Appropriate Layout and Design

Building a pool starts with the design process, and you’ll want an expert on-hand to make sure the end product is up to code. Engineers can usually determine what suits you best as well as show you what your new pool will look like in no time. Take your idea to Artesian Pools, and you’ll be able to create a design that looks good and works, functionally.

Secure Your License and Permits

In most countries, it is important to obtain a license or permit to construct a pool so as to protect the rights of residents nearby. This is to ensure that your pool is legal and safe to use, without running the risk of leaking into the aquifer or damage nearby property or trees.

The time needed to obtain this license varies from two weeks to about six weeks at the latest. Some districts offer the license promptly while others may take a longer process and several weeks before the permit is granted. Excavating sand and debris comes next, but this process may be obstructed by utility lines, power cables, and so on.

Evacuation and Digging

After the license has been granted and permit given, it takes a whole day’s work to dig up the ground, but sometimes artisans get fully booked and it takes some extra days to make and fix an appointment.

Plumbing, Steel, and Electrical

Now, you can worry about the steelworks, wiring (electricity) and plumbing of your backyard pool. At this stage, you need to make sure you attain maximum reliability with all your pool underworking. These take about two weeks to finish, depending on the complexities of the design.

Plastering and Fiberglass

As soon as all these are done and over with, it is time to fit in the pool itself with plastering, Vinyl, and fiberglass. Fiberglass pools are easier to construct since most of the parts are imported and then installed by local artisans, as opposed to vinyl pools that take time to fit from scratch. Plastering equally takes time to cure before work can proceed on the pool. This process typically takes between seven and twenty-one days.

Landscaping and Miscellaneous

After the layout of the pool has been finalized, you may decide to add a spa, Jacuzzi, extra lighting, etc. as long as the design permits and accommodates it. The pool-making process may end up being long and arduous; it will be well worth it after your dream pool has been erected.

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