Best Way To Keep Cool Without A Pool

custom built swimming pool

We all know the best way to cool off in this summer heat is with a pool. Nothing beats jumping into that cold water on a hot afternoon.

You are here because that is not an option. You don’t have a pool in your backyard. Now you need some other way to beat the heat. So we are here to help. Bringing you some tips on staying cool without an Artesian Pool. So sit beside your… coffee table we guess and read on.

Sit Inside And Think About A Pool: Turn on the air conditioner, prop up your feet, and look at your backyard. Imagine how much cooler it would be with a pool. That A/C feel nice? It has nothing on submerging yourself into a custom built swimming pool. In fact, let the kids join you. Feel their disappointment as you stare at that empty backyard.

Sit Outside With Iced Water And Think About A Pool: To visualize your complete lack of pool having, sit outside. Bring a nice glass of iced water with you. It will cool you down and be a reminder you are not swimming in the water right now. You can look at the whole yard and plan out your pool.

Go To A Public Pool: Sure it’s crowded and full of pee, but it’s a pool right? It also comes with some very relaxing pool sounds. Our personal favorite is coast guard yelling at kids to stop running. Pick your little spot and enjoy standing in it. It gets even better when the red-haired kid cannonballs into the pool and you get a face full of chlorine.

Have A Friend With A Pool: Aren’t you thankful to have a friend with a pool? So is everyone else. That’s why we went to his pool party and not your BBQ. Go swim in his pool while he basks in his well-deserved glory. He is the Man of the Year, and he knows how to cook a burger. You might as well. We don’t know, your BBQ didn’t have a pool beside it so we didn’t go.

Feel free to follow any of these tips. If you don’t care for this list, contact us today. We can set up that custom built swimming pool for you. No more dealing with pee filled public pools. No more pool companies going to your friend’s house instead of yours. Will be you, a pool, a BBQ, and us over enjoying some hamburgers.


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