Keeping Wildlife at Bay

keeping animals out of your pool

You know what’s really cute? Videos of raccoons on Facebook sneaking up and stealing food from a cat dish. Know what isn’t cute? Getting in your pool and being attacked by a raccoon that was laying on a pool float. Okay, so maybe that isn’t going to actually happen, but wildlife can still get into your pool. When this happens it can have a few very negative side effects. For one, if they get in and can’t get back out, you are going to find a dead animal in your pool, which no one wants to do. Another issue is that the pool might look like a fun source of entertainment to you, but might appear to be a luxury restroom to a wild animal.

   There is also the damage they can do to the pool toys and chairs such as damaging floats and furniture. So naturally, you are going to want to keep them away from your pool. What options do you have for keeping them away and which options are most effective? Here are a few options.

   A Fence: The most basic option is to install a fence around your pool. This option is good for keeping both animals and children out of the pool area. The downside is a fence might not be the best-looking addition to the pool, but it will be effective.

   Screened In Pool: Like a fence, a screened in pool has a wall with screening around and above the pool. This tends to look better than a normal fence and also keeps insects out along with wildlife.

   Infrared Sprinkler: The ultimate in safe animal deterrent technology, Infrared sprinklers are a sprinkler system that used infrared sensors to detect movement and activate the sprinkler. The sudden spray of water startles the animal and sends them running back where they came from without harming them.

   Of course, you are not limited to just using one of these methods of pool protection, or to only using these methods. You can get creative and design your own security system or if you are really determined, plenty of private security firms you can hire to protect your pool. For everyone else, though, an infrared sprinkler should work just fine.

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