Storing Pool Toys

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While a pool is cool on its own, we tend to like to enhance the experience with various pool toys and pool floats. Why just lounge in the pool when you can lounge on a Batmobile Pool Float? While pool toys and floats are a great addition to any pool, they are not always the easiest things to store when not in use. While not heavy, Pool floats can get rather large and cumbersome. Worst yet, being so light if you don’t store them properly they can fly around the yard or get into your neighbor’s yard. This becomes a hassle to find them, clean them up, and find a better way to store them. Luckily there are some easy ways to store pool floats and toys if you get a little creative with it. Better yet, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it happen.

Check out the list below and see what you can make happen with a little money and a little creativity.

Hooks and Nets: Luckily since pool floats are so light, you don’t need a lot of support to hold them up. Because of this, using cargo netting and command hooks, (hooks that stick to surfaces), you can store floats on the wall. Just place them in a wide enough area to hold the floats securely while having enough room to fit them all. Then all you have to do is slip part of the net off, slide in the float, and slip the net back on the hook.

Pallets for Noodles: If you are on Facebook you might have noticed about 75 different uses for pallets. From beds to chairs to really just about anything. Another use is to hold pool noodles and other items. All you need to do is get a pallet, paint it up and weatherproof it, and find a place to put it. You can put a little extra effort to make a stand or just lean it against a fence and place pool noodles inside. Take it a step further by attaching hooks to the wood to hold towels, goggles, or baskets for holding small pool toys.

PVC Pipe: Right beside creative ideas for pallets is creative ideas for PVC pipes. PVC is a fairly cheap kind of pipe with a number of uses. It is typically around $5 for 5ft and can be easily cut down to different lengths. Using some PVC pipe with connectors and glue, you can make towel stands, hooks to attach to a wall for donut shaped floats, all kinds of things!

Wine Rack Towel Rack: One thing we love as much as pools here in Florida is wine. It just so happens that a good hanging wine rack can also hold towels. Find one that has decent space for the bottle and an open top, then just roll up a towel and place it in the slot. You can have a whole rack of towels ready for use right by the pool.

Spice up the pool fun with some floats and other fun toys or go natural by just diving right in. It’s your pool, have it designed for you and enjoy it your way when you contact Artesian Pools. With years of experience serving Orlando as the recommended pool builders.


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