Colors and Sensations

There is something wonderful about having a pool in the backyard. Just seeing it makes you feel calmer, relaxed, at one with yourself. It makes you feel that idea of zen that so many like to talk about. Maybe it’s the feel of the water, maybe it’s the soft color, or the green grass that surrounds it, or maybe even all of these things combined. There is a lot of things in the world that have psychological effects on us that we don’t realize. One of the most common things, that is used often in marketing and promotion, is color. Each color is shown to have a different effect on our personalities. You might have heard sayings such as “Seeing red” or “A case of the blues”. This is because red is a color known for anger and aggression, while some shades of blue are known for provoking feelings of sorrow. Don’t worry, pool water blue isn’t one of those shades, but we will get to that in a moment.

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A backyard with a pool is an artistic assortment of positive colors. The main two being blue and green. Blue is shown to have either calming effects with brighter shades like those found in water. Green is seen as a more nature influenced color, creating calming, connecting vibes. If you look at places that offer all natural services or products, meditation classes or session, etc, you might notice a lot of them use green in their designs. It’s not just because of the nature aspect, it’s also the feeling that the color green provokes. Yellow is another color that, much like the sun, influences feelings of warmth and comfort.

The psychological aspects of owning a pool don’t stop at the colors however, they also extend to the actual physical aspects of it as well. The first one you will feel and experience is the sun shining down on you. The sun creates warmth, supplies our body with Vitamin D, and helps warm the water. Just stepping outside to walk toward the pool starts the positive benefits. After the sun you have the feeling of the water. The calming blue colors inviting you in, the crisp feeling of the water touching your skin, the push and pull as you swim through it, it holds all kinds of positive mental benefits, along with physical. Regularly swimming can help to maintain this positive mindset, and keep your body healthy and in shape, which in turn offers more mental benefits. A healthy body helps to keep our mind and personality active and positive.

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