Summer Is Here

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Summer time is here. The sun is high in the sky and the pools are getting crowded. Not your pool though. You got an Artesian Pool all to yourself. At least you should have one. If not, we can help with that. More on that later. For now we are here for a reason. While Summertime swims are always fun, you need to protect your skin. A quick dip in the pool isn’t worth days of agony and peeling skin. Otherwise you are going to miss a lot of potential swim time.
You can throw on some sunscreen and jump in right? It’s not quite that simple. Sunscreen is definitely important. It also takes some prep work though. Don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated. In fact, preparation takes less than 5 minutes.
So sit back and learn how to stay safe in the pool.
Waterproof Sunscreen: This should be pretty self-explanatory
Apply Sunscreen 20 Minutes Before Swimming: Give that sunscreen time to work itself in.
Wear A Hat: Match the hat to your pool style. For lounging around wear a normal baseball cap. For some serious swimming look at a swim cap.
Know When To Swim: Around noonthe sun is at it’s strongest. Early morning and near evening times the sun is less severe.
Be Aware: Pay attention to your skin. Is it starting to feel or look rough? Time to call it a day and head inside. Make sure you check your children’s skin as we..
Aftercare: Skin still looking a little pink afterwards? Take care of it now instead of later. Rub in some aloe vera or other lotion.
We want our customers to have a great time in their pool. We also want them to stay safe. So take care of yourself and your skin this summer. Which reminds us, contact Artesian Pools if you don’t have that custom pool yet. We can help design and build the pool that fits your home. It’s what makes us the recommended Pool Builders in Orlando.
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